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Rosenberg Institute Seminar Series at Romberg Tiburon Center


The Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Institute for Marine Biology and Environmental Science Seminar Series brings leading local, national, and international scientists to a public forum at RTC to speak about the latest advances in science. The Seminar Series is part of a graduate level course designed to give students an opportunity to hear from and interact with experts in their fields of study. Graduate students also present talks about their own research. This experience gives them practice speaking to an audience and allows for the exchange of ideas as they conduct their thesis research.


The Series is free and open to the public, but space is limited. If you have a large group, you can reserve seats for any of our seminars at Eventbrite.

All seminars are held Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in the Bay Conference Center (BCC) unless otherwise noted. Please enter through the 3152 Paradise Drive driveway.


Click on the title of a talk to read the abstract (if available).

Fall 2016

Date Speaker and Title Host
Aug 24 Dr. Laura Jurgens, SERC, Tiburon
Untangling factors shaping community response to extreme events in coastal marine ecosystems

Aug 31 Dr. Tyler Evans, CSU East Bay
Transcriptomics in environmental physiology and finding the ‘genes that matter’ for environmental adaptation

Sep 7 Dr. Susanna Theroux, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
To salinity and beyond: microbial diversity and carbon cycling in San Francisco Bay wetlands

Sep 14 RTC SFSU Graduate Students
Research in Progress

Karen Backe (Hines)
Effects of sea level rise and storm surge on Pacific harbor seal habitat: a comparison of haul-out changes at the Russian and Eel River Estuaries

Margot Buchbinder (Boyer)
Facilitating sediment accretion and biotic recovery in a tidal marsh restoration site

Julie Gonzalez (Boyer)
Exploring the role of predation in modulating the distribution and impacts of a non-native crab on cordgrass restoration in San Francisco Bay

*This seminar will be held in the 2nd floor classroom, Bldg 39

Sep 21 RTC SFSU Graduate Students
Research in Progress

Daniel Cox
Multi-Scale Study of Invertebrate Assemblages in San Francisco Bay Mudflats

Metadel Abegaz (Stillman)
Impacts of density and competition on the reproductive physiology of intertidal porcelain crabs

Emily Lam (Stillman)
Linking thermosensory neurophysiology and thermoregulatory behavior in porcelain crabs

Sep 28 Dr. Bruce Menge, Oregon State University
Climate change impacts on coastal ecosystems: are they detectable already?

Oct 5 Dr. Kelly Benoit-Bird, Oregon State University
Predator-prey dynamics reveal hidden structure in the sea

Oct 12 Dr. Susana Caballero Gaitan, Universidad de Los Andes Conservation genetics of aquatic vertebrates: challenges and opportunities

Oct 19 Dr. Meg Daly, Ohio State University
Exploring parts unknown: the biodiversity and evolution of sea anemones

Oct 26 Dr. Matt Ferner, SF Bay NERR
Long-term monitoring of environmental stressors in NOAA’s Estuarine Research Reserves

Nov 2 Dr. Philip McGillivary, US Coast Guard PACAREA Science Liaison
Unmanned systems networks for ocean research & monitoring

Nov 9 Dr. Rashid Sumaila, University of British Columbia

11:00 AM Science Talk
Managing the high seas for ecological, economic and social sustainability

6:30 PM Public Talk
Towards a sustainable global ocean

Nov 16 Bay Delta Conference, no seminar

Nov 23 Fall Recess, no seminar

Nov 30 Dr. Jessie Lacy, USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
Linking sediment flux to marshes with dynamics in bay shallows: observations from China Camp and San Pablo Bay

Dec 7 Dr. Matthew Ogburn, SERC
Management and conservation of fish and invertebrates in large estuarine systems: perspectives from Chesapeake Bay

Dec 14 RTC SFSU Graduate Students
Research in Progress

Jeyna Perez (Cohen)
Comparative Phylogeography of Leptasterias spp. in the Pacific Northwest

Alma Ceja (Stillman)
Modeling the future distribution of an intertidal zone inhabitant

Jennifer Souther (Stillman)
Petrolisthes cinctipes and the deathly shallows: the effects of increased density on porcelain crab individuals in a community setting

The Seminar Series is supported by generous contributions from the Barbara and Richard M. Rosenberg Institute at the Romberg Tiburon Center, San Francisco State University

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