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SF State's bayside marine and estuarine research facility.

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Devoted senior dedicated to observing seals at Jenner Headlands. Graduate student Karen Backe (Hines Lab) is quoted in this story about citizen scientist Elinor Twohy and the value of her long-term data set. "Backe said she is the latest of several colleagues to utilize data collected by Twohy, applying it to work on climate change and coastal habitats. 'Elinor does amazing work, taking these daily observations in a way that is standardized, which makes it incredibly valuable,' Backe said." Mary Callahan, The Press Democrat, 5/12/16


New West Coast mission investigates ocean acidification threat.

On May 4, NOAA scientists, along with members and alumni of the Cochlan Lab, embarked on "the most extensive effort to understand changing ocean chemistry on the West Coast and its impact on economically and culturally important fish and shellfish." Research technician Chris Ikeda, and alumni Julian Herndon and Brian Bill are on board to investigate ocean acidification connections to harmful algal blooms. Keep track of the scientists' activities through this blog. 5/9/16


At Tiburon marine lab, kids spend quality time with eels, slugs and amphipods

Timmy Hsiao, 3, right, and brother Anthony, 5, watch as their mother Linda measures an invasive green crab Sunday during the Discovery Day event at the Romberg Tiburon Center. Janis Mara, The Marin Independent Journal, 5/2/16


Fishermen Ready for Opening of Bay Area Commercial Crab Season

As Dungeness crab season is set to open, ABC7's Wayne Freedman checks in with fishers and SF State's Dr. Bill Cochlan, who stated that aside from temperature, the parameters leading to toxin production is still unknown. ABC7 News, 3/25/16


See previous coverage of the impact of toxic algae on the Dungeness crab fishery in our News Archive.


More acidic oceans could reduce fertility for algae eaters

New research shows that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the oceans cause changes that alter key nutrients essential to the reproduction of animals low on the food web. According to graduate student researcher Morgan Meyers, the study “gives us a broader picture of how ocean acidification affects the food web beyond a single species." Lauren Lipuma, Earth & Ocean Science News, 2/29/16


Massive Public Works Project Will Help Clean Sacramento River

Senior Research Scientist Richard Dugdale was interviewed as part of this public radio report. Dr. Dugdale spoke about the potential impact of incompletely treated wastewater on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Amy Quinton, Capitol Public Radio News, 2/16/16


Federal relief may soon be on way for California Dungeness crab fisherman

ABC7's Wayne Freedman talks to Dr. Bill Cochlan about the need for research into the toxic algae blooms that shut down the fishery. "Well, I would say that if we don't want this to happen in the future, we have to understand the root causes," Cochlan said. Wayne Freedman, ABC7 News, 2/9/16




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