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Drought impacts phytoplankton blooms in northern San Francisco Bay and Delta

Major – but rare – spring blooms in 2014 in San Francisco Bay Delta, California, a result of the long-term drought, increased residence time, and altered nutrient loads and forms. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology. July 14, 2014


Dr. Ellen Hines conducts research on rare marine mammals in Southeast Asia

Two recent papers share findings on coastal Irrawaddy dolphins in Thailand and dugongs in Malaysia. Both species are listed as Vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. In some locations, Irrawaddy dolphins are listed as critically endangered. Dr Hines' research addresses population and community ecology of threatened and endangered species as related to local conservation efforts. July 7, 2014


Dr. Kathy Boyer's Wetlands Ecology Lab keeps busy with multiple eelgrass research projects

While the Living Shorelines Project is in the monitoring phase, the Wetlands Ecology Lab is keeping busy with two new projects. In late June, they spent several 16-hour days harvesting and replanting the first 4 of 36 acres of eelgrass in Central SF Bay for Pacific herring habitat. The nine-year, $2.5 million project was funded from the 2007 Cosco Busan oil spill Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan, completed in February 2012. With a few days rest, they are now monitoring eelgrass plots as part of the Zostera Experimental Network led by the Smithsonian Institute's J. Emmett Duffy. June 25, 2014


Phytoplankton, Considered the World’s Lungs, Are in Deep Trouble From Climate Change

A new study funded by the National Science Foundation has found that the world’s phytoplankton may be in serious jeopardy due to climate change. Listen to the radio segment with Dr. Bill Cochlan or read about the research. June 18, 2014


Ocean acidification cruise explored effects pH on marine food web

A collaborative team of scientists led by RTC's Dr. William Cochlan measured nutritional quality and toxicity of phytoplankton in corrosive waters. Two Teachers-at-Sea from Texas and Tennessee also joined the expedition. June 11, 2014


RTC Scientists Participate in 2nd Google Science Fair Hangout

Associate Professor Kathy Boyer will host a Google Hangout On Air for Google Science Fair 2014 and Connected Classrooms on Friday, June 13 at 10am, on the topic of restoring coastal ecosystems. High school teachers with classes in session are encouraged to sign up to join the "Virtual Field Trip" with Connected Classrooms. Tune in! June 10, 2014


RTC Graduate Student to give talk for American Cetacean Society

Graduate student Laura Duffy will present her current research, "Physical-Biological Interactions of Harbor Porpoise in San Francisco Bay" on Tuesday, June 24 from 7-9 pm at Saylor's Landing restaurant (Cabo Wabo Room, upstairs) in Sausalito. $5 suggested donation goes to future graduate student research. More info here. June 10, 2014


RTC's Year in Review

Inspired by SF State's Year in Review, we've put together the highlights from the 2013-14 academic year at Romberg Tiburon Center. While not exhaustive, it does present a very impressive picture of our research, education and outreach activities in the past year! Click here for the pdf (331kb). May 30, 2014


RTC Celebrates the Graduation of 14 Masters and undergraduate students

On Thursday, May 22, the RTC community celebrated the graduation of 12 Masters students and two undergraduate students. Evyan Borgnis (Boyer Lab), Daniel Chase (Todgham Lab), Maeve Daugharty (Garfield Lab), Rachel Diner (Stillman Lab), Rita duMais (Kimmerer Lab), Erin Flynn (Todgham), Caitlin Jensen (Hines Lab), Karen Kayfetz (Kimmerer), Katie Nuessly (Cohen Lab), Tessa Page (Stillman), Beth Sheets (Cohen), and Timothe Vincent (Hines) were honored for receiving their Masters in Science degrees, and King Cada (Komada Lab) and Riley Smith (Cohen) were honored for receiving their bachelors' in science degrees. May 30, 2014

RTC Graduates and SF State Alumnus receive awards at 2014 Graduation Ceremony

Karen Kayfetz received the Paul F. Romberg Award for Service and James C. Kelley Award for Graduate Achievement, Evyan Borgnis received the William Atchley Environmental Service Award. David R. Lindberg, Professor of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley and Curator of the UC Museum of Paleontology, received the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Dr. Lindberg received his bachelor's degree from SF State in 1977, one year before RTC opened. May 30, 2014


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