Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

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SF State's bayside marine and estuarine research facility.

Apply for Graduate Studies


How to apply to the Graduate Program

For admission to the grad program at RTC, applicants should do the following:

  • Research an appropriate faculty member that may serve as your thesis advisor. Students can work under the supervision of RTC Faculty and Faculty on the main campus.
  • Prior to preparing your application, contact that faculty member and schedule a visit to RTC.
  • Prepare and submit application materials to the graduate studies department at SFSU.
  • The Departments of Biology and Chemistry both require their own applications in addition to the graduate studies application materials.

Application Information and Materials

Application information and materials can be accessed online or through the Division of Graduate Studies offices at San Francisco State University.

Contact Information for the Division of Graduate Studies

San Francisco State University
The Division of Graduate Studies, ADM 254
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco , CA 94132
Phone (415) 338-2234
Fax (415) 405-0340


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